Langkawi 19th – 22nd August

After the excitement of the wedding reception we flew to Langkawi (an island off the coast of Malaysia) 2 days later. We have come here with Mum, Dad,  James (my brother), Jacky and Michael (Mum and Dad’s friends) and my Auntie and Uncle. 

As the hotel we orginally booked into has building works we have been upgraded to a nicer hotel and it is amazing!!! The rooms are huge, they serve Prosecco with breakfast, it has its own beach and some of the sun loungers are in the pool – it’s a shame we’re only here 3 days, we could live here! 

The weather has been mixed but quite predictable, it’s hot and sunny throughout the morning and early afternoon then becomes more cloudy and then pours with rain then dries out.

We have been doing some sunbathing by the pool and enjoing the happy hour cocktails, but we also went to the cable cars, which provided fantastic views of the island and some of the 103 islands that surround Langkawi. Unfortunately the sky bridge was closed for maintenance (apparently this has been the case for over a year though!). We looked at the duty free shops in the oriental village, which is very quaint and went on a duck tour, which was a little disappointing as there was no tour guide but we got to see a bit more of the island.

Today we sunbathed and had a picnic on the beach (courtesy of the hotel as we’re a ‘honeymoon couple’), which was soooo embarassing because the pool boy who took us over to the only chair and table on the beach, surrounded by sun loungers, where a family had left their books, drinks, shoes, bags etc and cleared it all off, just dumping it all on the nearest sun lounger then just left us to it, we then had to explain to the returning family that we hadn’t moved their things, luckily they were nice about it! Not really the ‘private romantic picnic’ we were expecting!

James has had a bit of drama today as he had ‘pool ear’ (when you lose hearing in your ear due to the pool water-well that’s my diagnosis anyway!). After going to the clinic where they poked his ear – not even the one that had lost hearing!!!! – he found that his ear was bleeding. He is currently at the Ear, Nose and Throat clinic to find out the damage, fingers crossed he’s ok.

We were booked on a sunset cruise this evening so went ahead with that, despite James’ ears and the heavy rain that fell just before we left. The tour consisted of our guide Jep, me and Lewis, another newly married couple and 5 very over excitable (and slightly drunk) Korean ladies. 

Firstly we stopped at a small fishing harbour to see and touch stingrays and horseshoe crabs. Then we were taken to see wild eagles flying on a nearby island. Finally we were taken to our ‘yacht’ – a term used very loosely when describing this elderly boat. The free bar, including homemade lethal pina coladas, amazing views and BBQ dinner soon made up for this though! 

A net attached to the side of the boat made a ‘salt water jacuzzi’ which the Korean ladies got extremely excited about. Lewis also got in and eventually managed to persuade me to give it a go, as soon as I gotin the water however, Lewis and one of the Korean ladies, who was apparently too drunk to notice at first, were stung by a jellyfish!Well that was the end of that, we got out swiftly!
No I didn’t wee on him (I know what you’re thinking!) It did look very sore though.
This trip lead to many more photos being taken that I have not had a chance to upload to facebook yet, I will try to tomorrow before we head back to KL.

Lots of love xxx

1 thought on “Langkawi 19th – 22nd August

  1. Enjoying reading your blog. Both dad and i Have iphone5 and can skype pn them. What is your skype name? X x x love you a d miss you, x x x x

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